Reporting & Analytics

Trends. Analytics. Predictions. We provide the tools you need to create more effective marketing strategies and campaigns at scale.
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Our reporting and analytics capabilities were built with marketers in mind

Insights are only as valuable as the actions they drive. We provide the ability to generate ad-hoc, automated, and trend analysis in collaborative ways that help organizations sync and evolve. In turn, we help marketers justify what they do — by creating shared accountability for campaign results and identifying the next steps.

Know where to allocate budget

From attribution to ROI, we provide versatile, real-time reporting that surfaces insights and helps marketers make decisions regarding where to apply budget and where not to.

Refine your strategies

Understanding your audience is key to creating successful campaigns. Our custom reporting dashboards make it easy to analyze customer activity and spot behavioral patterns. With this knowledge in hand, you can course-correct underperforming campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

Optimize success

Some campaigns will work today but not tomorrow. Some work over the Christmas holidays but not for back-to-school season. With our analytics, marketers can find what strategies, messages, and experiences are most effective and apply them in the context of the moment.

Centralized insights

We enable marketers to build their own reporting, formats, cadences, and distributions. With our reporting and analytics capabilities, you can seamlessly keep your brand informed of insights and add value to your other third-party or internal analytics initiatives.
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Our reports and analytics focus on the information you deem most important

With our solutions, you can efficiently manage, organize, and speak to any volume of data — and truly focus on the questions you want to be answered, not just reporting results. We’ve built this tool for enterprise marketers, ensuring its insights are easy to act on and even easier to access.


We offer both standardized and fully-configurable reports that are designed to meet your brand’s unique data needs.


Sifting through marketing data shouldn’t be a chore. Our reports and analytics are easy to understand and work within.


Our insights make segmentation smarter. We make sure you can use your data to create more relevant and timely communications.


Every report is tightly integrated with your marketing and loyalty campaign and execution tools, ensuring you have the insights you need when you need them.

Not sure what to report on or how to look at insights? Let’s explore ways you can create more value in your reporting.


We take security seriously

Every action you take in our solutions is protected by industry-leading security measures. We make sure your customer, campaign, and company information is safe by utilizing proven best practices, data encryption, strict security standards, and regular enhancement that improve our ability to thwart security threats before they ever impact the platform. All our solutions comply with SOC 2 Type 2 and EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Technology Services

Need marketing technology help?

Executing your marketing strategies shouldn’t be a chore. Our technology services team is here to build and optimize scalable, enterprise data management solutions that meet the needs of your unique brand.