Simple Messaging

Connect with your millions of customers in an efficient, effective way across triggered and marketing communications.
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Deliver enterprise-scale triggered and batch emails as quickly as your business demands

Without the right technology, keeping up with necessary daily email sends can be a challenge. Simple Messaging provides the fast, real-time segmentation and advanced personalization needed to deliver triggered and batch emails at great scale, ensuring you can keep your customers informed on recent purchases, marketing offers, and more. 

Enterprise scale

We manage billions of rows of data at high speeds, enabling your brand to send more in-the-moment marketing and transactional communications, creating efficient interactions with all your customers.

Proven reliability

Every day, the world’s best brands trust our Simple Messaging solution to help reach their customers in an easy, timely manner. We provide the technology and responsivity needed to effectively connect with your customer base.

Ease of use

Using Simple Messaging to reach your customers is easy. Every step of the workflow is designed to be quick and intuitive, helping you reach your marketing goals per email sent and audience reached.

Repeatable campaigns

We make it possible to use the same campaign over time to reach a variety of audiences. With Simple Messaging, you always have access to your campaigns, ensuring you can repeat them whenever necessary.

Native integrations

Simple Messaging complements and integrates with other Cheetah Digital products. By using Simple Messaging in tandem with other solutions, you can create seamless customer experiences across every point of their journey.
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Generate Simple Messaging audiences with your existing CRM

We understand the value and comfort of an existing CRM, and welcome those who use Simple Messaging to integrate their system with our solution. Together, we ensure you can rapidly deploy messages to your millions of records for scheduled and triggered mailings. 

Easily integrated

We establish a reliable integration with most user-owned CRMs. With it, information from the CRM is seamlessly communicated with the Simple Messaging system, ensuring your build and send processes are as easy as possible.

Straightforward process

We designed our Simple Messaging solution to be as easy to use as possible. With our solution, you will be able to launch messages to your audience using reusable assets in a timely, pain-free manner.

Reusable lists

Many times, it can be advantageous to target the same group of customers with various communications. Simple Messaging makes it easy to leverage one list across different campaigns, ensuring your customers are easy to reach and your campaigns are even easier to deploy.

Reliable reporting

Accurate, timely data is the key to successfully identifying and targeting segments. We provide Simple Messaging reports that detail your open rates, click rates, and more, ensuring your future campaigns are as informed as possible.

We can help you create lasting relationships with your valuable customers.


We’ve got your back

Your customers trust your brand to protect their valuable data. We provide the secure platform you need to deliver thoughtful, targeted communications via customers’ preferred channel all in real time. 

We secure your data through:

  • Best-practice application security protocols
  • Compliance with strict data governance principles
  • Encrypted data in-transit and at-rest
  • Ongoing security monitoring and reinforcement

Is your marketing technology underperforming?

The tools and technologies you use to reach customers should make your life easier, not harder. Marketing Suite is designed with marketers’ needs and best interests in mind, ensuring any type of customer engagement is as efficient and effective as possible.