Professional Services

Our experts become a seamless extension of your team, helping achieve your robust, enterprise-scale goals through personalized, one-to-one support.
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We solve your marketing challenges

Our strategic services team loves what they do. From insight-driven data scientists to marketing consultants and strategists to creative specialists, we deeply understand our clients and deliver marketing strategies that drive value and ROI.

Experienced advisors

We understand the pressure and responsibility modern marketers face and strive to make our clients’ lives easier on a daily basis. Our team has 200 years’ combined branding and industry experience across all strategic functions.

More impactful marketing

Our platform collects and makes sense of enormous amounts of information. When paired with a winning marketing strategy, it can increase revenue and enhance customer satisfaction. We help plan and execute smarter marketing strategies that will accomplish your goals and deliver results.

Rewarding customer experiences

Siloed customer data, limited internal resources, and tired marketing strategies can contribute to lackluster experiences. We work with you to truly understand your customers’ experiences, identify how your customer experience can be strengthened and develop strategies that will foster customer loyalty for years to come.

Skilled professionals

Those who work with us will receive support from a dedicated team of strategic experts who learn your brand values, objectives, and preferences inside and out. As an extension of your team, you can rest assured you will work with the same professionals you have counted on before to help drive your strategic efforts.

Data mastery

Our platform gathers enormous amounts of relational data with an unprecedented, single platform solution. With the help of our data scientists and analysts, you can unlock a greater understanding of your customers, increasing revenue and enhancing customer satisfaction. We help measure your marketing effectiveness and provide actionable data to drive customer value.

Innovative marketing strategies

We can show you how to excite your customers through interactions that align with the way they live in the real world. Our creative specialists work with you to implement cutting-edge marketing techniques that create seamless experiences, making it easy for customers to reach you. We reduce communication obstacles to help you drive revenue and loyalty.

Skilled resources

Sometimes, there isn’t enough time or resources to get work done. Our dedicated team of program managers are passionate about marketing and are ready to help you achieve your marketing goals. We help you see where you want to be in the future and make sure you get there. Our Strategic Services, Success, and Program Management teams work with you to drive the activities and work that will bring your strategic roadmap to life.
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Technical expertise, unparalleled solutions

We take pride in providing innovative marketing technology that will help your brand reach its goals. Our technical experts partner with you to build and optimize scalable solutions that will overcome your challenges, create efficiency, and achieve success.

Speed to value

Our in-house experts are here to help you through each step of the implementation process. With our support, you can rest assured that our solutions will be the marketing engine you need from day one, delivering measurable results and revenue.

Real-time data architecture

Disorganized and disconnected data is a challenge many enterprise-scale organizations struggle with. We work with you to organize your data structure in a way that puts you in control, enabling more agile marketing, effective campaigns, and efficient workflows.

Industry-leading expertise

We believe that great service goes hand-in-hand with great technology. We’re here to provide the right tools, guidance, and experts to manage your evolving customer expectations and interactions and tackle your complex technical projects.

Platform configuration

Your brand is unique and your marketing technology solution should be, too. We expertly help you navigate through the configuration process, all API integrations, and brand migration, ensuring the technical success of your investment.
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Campaign experts at your fingertips

Marketers are responsible for executing more campaigns and driving more revenue than ever before. As your partner, we will become a true extension of your team, helping bring campaign strategies to life to drive ROI and enhance customer loyalty.

More effective campaigns

Complicated, underperforming campaigns aren’t worth your time or stress. Our seasoned experts are here to support your campaign efforts from start to finish, helping you deliver more effective marketing in less time.

Skilled professionals

Don’t let resource limitations hold you back. Our global community of campaign professionals have the talent, passion, and training needed to execute and grow your programs, saving you valuable time and onboarding costs.

Success metrics

Every campaign you send returns valuable information that helps identify what is working and what isn’t. We can compile and organize this data, giving you the ability to improve your existing and future campaigns based on the actual insights.

Content support

Effective digital experiences take time, expertise, and patience to execute properly. Our campaign experts can help implement, update, and edit your customer communications per your specifications and unique branding.

Data segmentation

Personalized, targeted campaigns help improve customer relationships with your brand and drive increased revenue. We help make sense of your complicated data needs so you can target the right customers with the right message every time.

Campaign accuracy

Every campaign that reaches your customers should provide a consistent brand experience. We execute careful quality assurance reviews and proofing across every step of the process to make sure your campaigns are positioned to protect your brand and drive results.
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Reach your full marketing potential

Our training and enablement team learns about your desired results and creates a training plan that will get you there. No matter your marketing technology experience, we are here to support your growing business and evolving needs.

Flexible training

It may be cliche, but we believe knowledge is power. Our experts provide the tools, resources, and platform education needed to help you make the most of your investment.

Customized assessments

Want to make sure your team members are experts in specified areas of our solutions? Our assessments help measure your team’s knowledge and comfort level within our marketing solution.

Multiple learning formats

With the right training and support, your team will feel ready to manage complex campaigns that will deliver the results your organization expects. We provide a number of training options to make sure you receive training that will work for your employees.
True Partner

End-to-end marketing support

We provide both industry-leading technology and expert, in-house resources. Together, we deliver more marketing in less time, directly driving positive results for your brand. We work internally and with your team to demonstrate the power of your marketing and achieve your robust goals. 


You are our top priority

We know how much time and effort goes into managing marketing campaigns and believe every Cheetah Digital client deserves our dedicated attention. We make our clients lives easier by being a reliable, committed partner and ensuring you always have access to world-class support.

Our solutions are behind the marketing of some of the world's best companies.