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Cheetah Digital on Privacy

At Cheetah Digital we care about the personal data in our care. Our suite of privacy notices describe how and why we use this information – as an enterprise-scale marketing technology provider and brand in our own right. We recognize that data privacy is an ongoing responsibility, and so we will from time to time update our notices as we continue to innovate our services or adopt new privacy practices.


Website Privacy Notice

How and why Cheetah Digital uses personal data collected directly or indirectly through our websites. Covers specific themes such as what types of data is collected, how it is utilized and who shared with. To align with requirements under the GDPR, this and the lawful grounds we rely upon to operate our business.

Services Privacy Notice

How and why Cheetah Digital platforms and services utilize personal data submitted by or collected on behalf of our Customers. Covers specific themes under the EU General Data Protection Regulation such as our role as a Data Processor and the mechanisms by which facilitate privacy-mindful Services.

Global Anti-Spam Policy

How and why Cheetah Digital prohibits unsolicited commercial messages of any kind under any circumstances. This is Cheetah Digital's bedrock acceptable use policy, underpinning our self-regulatory practices and commitments as a permission-based ESP/XSP.

Cookie Notice

How and why Cheetah Digital uses cookies and cookie-like technologies embedded in our corporate website, and describes the means by which website visitors can learn more and exercise choice.

GDPR Statement

A FAQ describing Cheetah Digital's approach to the EU GDPR's enhanced principles of lawfulness, transparency, accountability, and proportionality.

Message Recipient Guide

How the end-recipients of Cheetah Digital's Customers' communications can be confident that the messages they receive are legitimate.

Event Privacy Notice

How and why Cheetah Digital uses personal data when hosting live conferences and online events for our enterprise customers and business partners.
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Cheetah Digital Terms

Customer agreements and terms of use for Cheetah Digital products and professional services.

Master Services Agreement

Data Processing Addendum

Mobile Supplement

Cheetah Free Support